Education is the ultimate game-changer. Help change the game.

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Education is the ultimate game-changer. Help change the game.  image


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Help us receive a $20,000 match!

Education Impacts Every Single Person - Including You

Imagine a state with a shortage of doctors, mechanics, engineers, welders, accountants or lawyers. Chances are, you wouldn't want to live in that state. And it's likely the economy of that state would not be very strong. Now, imagine living in a state where every student receives a high-quality education and graduates prepared for these careers and ready to contribute to their community. Arizona has the potential to be that state!

Expect More Arizona is leading the conversation about what's happening in education, why everyone should care, and what we can all do to make education in Arizona the best in the country – at every level. We strive to be known as a trusted source of credible, nonpartisan information and continue to be at the forefront of challenging Arizonans to build an education-first culture.

Expect More Arizona represents the state's largest and most diverse education advocacy network focused on every step of a student's education path, from pre-K to college and career. We are focused on bringing the right people together to discuss ways to create meaningful, long-term change in education. We do this by raising awareness about critical education issues, fostering collaboration locally and statewide to advance education policy, celebrating great things happening in schools and communities across Arizona, and moving individuals and organizations to take action.

All gifts made during the month of March will be matched dollar-for-dollar, up to $20,000, thanks to the generosity of a small group of donors. Help us reach our goal by making a gift today. Thanks for your support!