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Expect More Arizona's Real Estate & Construction Industry Group

Education has a broad impact on our community. Stronger classrooms lead to safer neighborhoods, higher property values, a more qualified workforce and an improved quality of life for each of us. Expect More Arizona is a nonpartisan education advocacy organization working to ensure all Arizona's children receive an excellent education every step of the way.

Under the leadership of Gary Linhart (Founding Partner, ViaWest Group) and Pearl Chang Esau, (Former President & CEO, Expect More Arizona), the Real Estate & Construction Industry Group was established in April 2017 to further the mission of Expect More Arizona by bringing together real estate and construction industry professionals who recognize the critical connection between the quality of Arizona's education system and the state's economic vitality.

There are several levels to get involved:

  • Participant: Show up once a year, at no cost, for an overview of educational issues at a state level, inclusive of the legislative agenda. This is a way to just get a base-level understanding of what's going on.
  • Advocate: $50 annual donation and a desire to "take action." Invitation to our annual meeting and advocacy trainings.
  • Ambassador: $250 annual donation and a willingness to get other people involved. Invitation to our annual meeting, advocacy trainings, and a special industry gathering with fellow ambassadors to delve deeper into key education issues.

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Questions about the Real Estate & Construction Industry Group and how you or your company can get involved? Please contact Jackie Hoerner at